(Lietuvių) Planai ir kainos

ENERTY is one of the largest independent electric power suppliers in Lithuania that has been operational for already five years. In 2013 we tripled our growth and currently service over 600 business customers, including the largest Lithuanian and foreign companies.

We offer:

  • Professionalism  – expertise of our personnel in the area of electric power and our knowledge in trade in electric power.
  • Competitive prices of electric power being one of the leading independent retail electric power suppliers in Lithuania.
  • Additional services rendered in connection to the electric power supply:
    • comprehensive analysis of electric power supply consumption;
    • methods of optimisation of electric power costs;
    • professional consultations on issues related to electric power sector.

ENERTY offers to consumers two basic plans of electric power prices. Electric power supply prices depend on the type of activities pursued by your company, and a schedule of electric power consumption.

Plan „Day”
The plan is intended for those companies that mostly operate in the daytime and consume electricity during working hours. This plan is most suitable for companies providing services, offices, and small companies working in one shift.

Please, view the tariffs of this plan provided below:
Plan „Night”
The 24 HOUR plan is intended for companies that consume electric power on a 24 hour basis. We would suggest that this plan was chosen by companies that work a longer working day and on weekends. The tariffs of this plan for minimum and weekend loads are lower; therefore after choosing this plan the companies will be able to pay less per kWh on average. The plan is most suitable for companies working on weekends – restaurants, gas stations, beauty salons, or bakeries.
Please, view the tariffs of this plan provided below:
Plan “Exchange+”
This plan is intended for companies which would like to pay for electric energy consumption according to electricity prices of Lithuanian trade area on electricity exchange Nord Pool Spot. “Exchange+” is the most suitable plan for a modern consumer who is not afraid to risk, understands market laws well and seeks to have the lowest costs for electric energy. Prices frequently change throughout the year. This plan is the best for the companies which calculate average electric energy price per year and in this way reduce their operating costs.
Green electricity
Green electricity is 100% obtained from renewable energy sources (RES). Having concluded green energy purchase contracts, the clients receive a certificate declaring the fact that they are supplied with the electricity obtained from RES. This plan is most relevant for the companies making a priority to social responsibility. The clients consuming green electricity in their activities express their responsible attitude to environmental problems and contribute to sustainable consumption of limited and constantly declining resources of the Earth. Having concluded the contract, we provide a possibility to use a logo of green electricity in promotional and image campaigns.
“ENERTY” also trades in green electricity in Latvia and Estonia.