Information for business

Who may choose the services provided by the IEPP?

From 1 January 2013 all legal entities will have to choose an independent supplier. In order to purchase electric power for a smaller price, companies simply have to enter into an agreement with one of independent electric power suppliers. In other words, more alternatives and possibilities for saving occurred. By purchasing from an independent supplier, users may save up to 25 percent of the price, as compared to buying from the guaranteed suppliers.

The consumer who has not signed an agreement with an independent electric power supplier pays ESO for electric power at the prices of the guaranteed supplier! Price of guaranteed supplier is fixed and equals 4,776 EUR ct/kWh for 2017.


How does the service operate?

After we get the electric power data consumed by your company, we will assess them and will put forward an offer best meeting your needs wherein the quoted price will not change throughout the entire period of the agreement. After an agreement is signed, ESO will inform about the selected independent electric power supplier. Thus, by purchasing electric power from us you will pay less.