From December 2015, “ENERTY” has started the trade in green electricity.

Green electricity is 100% obtained from renewable energy sources (RES). The main types of RES are the following: wind energy, hydro energy, solar energy, biofuels, and geothermal energy. Renewable energy sources in 2015 worldwide grew 15 percent – of which was generated 7 percent of all electricity. It is forecasted that the share of renewable energy will continue to validate their positions in the market.  In 2040 even 70 percent electricity will be generated by renewable energy resources in Europe*.

Having concluded green energy purchase contracts, the clients receive a certificate confirming the origin of electric energy that they are supplied with. Having concluded the contract, we provide a possibility to use a logo of green electricity in promotional and image campaigns.

The companies consuming electricity obtained from RES in their activities express their responsible attitude to environmental problems.

* Data of British Petroleum.


Green electricity we supply for: